RPT offers personalized running- specific and gait analysis to enhance running mechanics, efficiency, and prevent injury. Running analysis can be performed in preparation for races, to return to sport following injury, or for injury prevention. Some of the things that we look at when treating a runner include:

  • Strength evaluation: Ensure proper running form is maintained. It is important to evaluate the strength of a runner so that he or she does not overstrain their muscles.
  • ROM and joint evaluation: Another critical part of good running technique includes sufficient ROM or range of motion. Many runners injure themselves because they stretch or strain certain ligaments due to poor flexibility. By evaluating joint motion and ROM in general, therapists at RPT can help individualize a plan for each runner to prevent injury.
  • Footwear evaluation: Many runners complain of blisters or other foot problems. Most of the time the issue lies not within the mechanics, but the shoes an individual wears. At RPT we suggest runners bring their gear to their treatments so we can perform a proper evaluation on the support and wearability of an individual’s footwear.
  • Individual discussion of results: Our therapists believe in individualized care, and speaking with a patient before, during, and after a treatment or evaluation is our top priority. We can ensure that everyone who comes to RPT can walk away with an individualized treatment plan, feeling more comfortable, and better prepared for the running season.

If you’d like to get a head start on your training, or if a running injury has been nagging at you, give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists.