iStock_63352179_MEDIUM_1000pxRecovering from a surgery or injury can be a slow and painful process, but with the help of a qualified team of physical therapists and exercise specialists you wi™ll regain your strength more quickly and avoid re-injury. Let the dedicated professionals here at RPT help you reach your goals safely, effectively and quickly.
RPT provides orthopedic physical therapy for a wide range of injuries and problems involving joints, muscles and bones to help reduce pain and swelling. Here at RPT, we want you to move without pain and to get stronger so you can avoid future problems. We offer state-of-the-art services including evidence-based treatment protocols and maintain communication with your referring physician regarding any post operative precautions. Our focus is to utilize active techniques that enable our clients to reach their maximum potential both quickly and safely.

injured-footballplayerIf you have been injured while participating in sports, let RPT’s experienced staff help you achieve your goals and resume participation safely. RPT has a long history with local sports medicine coverage. We have worked closely with area high school athletic programs since 1972.

delivery-manRPT provides care for patients with all types of work-related and orthopedic injuries. During the course of therapy, our patients are re-evaluated on a regular basis. Appropriate levels of exercise, work-related and functional activities are introduced to simulate the critical demands of the worker.

When Can I Get Back To Work?
We hear this question on a daily basis. Patients are anxious to return to their pre-injury status, whether in sports, recreational activities or simply going back to work.

Many times this complicated question is directed to a physician during a short visit. The physician is then faced with a complicated challenge as he tries to determine appropriate return to work protocols. Normally he has not seen the patient recently and does not have the time or equipment to determine safe return to work parameters. We at RPT are qualified to answer this question.

Functional Capacity Evaluations
We are equipped to perform comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE). The FCE is commonly used to assist in establishing impairment ratings, as well as safe return-to-work parameters for injured workers. At RPT, we have a team of physical therapists who have been trained through an internationally acclaimed program to provide pre-work screening services and FCEs.

During treatment, appropriate levels of exercise, work-related and functional activities are introduced to simulate the critical demands unique to each patient’s lifestyle.

We are involved in outsourcing services to businesses in our community, including transportation, mining, gas/oil production and food service distribution industries.

Ergonomics is the science of fitting the work environment to best accommodate the worker. The goal is to make the environment safe, reduce the risk of injury and increase employee efficiency. This will reduce lost time incidents and industrial claims for the business.
RPT is able to send a specialist to the work site to assess employee workstations and make recommendations for modifications if new equipment is needed.

Functional Job Analysis
Functional Job Analysis is the process of evaluating and measuring the critical functional demands of a specific job. Our specially trained and certified physical therapist perform a thorough assessment of the employee, the work they are required to do and their worksite. From this assessment, a description of the critical demands of the job are developed into a screening tool for testing future employees or employees returning to work.

Pre-work screening
RPT currently performs pre-work screens (PWS) for more than 30 companies. A PWS is a post-offer, pre-placement test performed by one of our specially trained and certified physical therapists to identify an applicants ability to perform the physical demands of a specific job. The PWS includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation to determine any underlying problems that would interfere with a new employee’s ability to safely perform his/her job. In addition, the PWS provides baseline measurements for an employee returning to work following an injury or illness.


womanWhether you are six months pregnant and suffering from lower back pain or a new mother trying to get back into shape. RPT’s Women’s Health Program can assist you. We can also help those with urinary incontinence and pelvic floor pain.

When you come to RPT, you will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist with specialized training in women’s health.


RPT Sports Performance provides athletes with quality, sports and position-specific, evidence-based training. Our goal is to reduce the risk of injury, as well as increase our clients athletic potential.

Programs are individualized to each athlete based on his or her sport and specific position. All training is completed with specific goals in mind including injury prevention, speed enhancement, agility, power, strength, balance, flexibility and functional movement.


swimmingRPT offers aquatic therapy in conjunction with land-based therapy to further assist with mobility and strength.

– Increased buoyancy helps decrease load on joints
– Hydrostatic pressure of water helps reduce swelling
– Resistance in all directions to improve strength
– Decreased load on joints allows for increased ease of mobility
– Assist with normalizing gait

– Spine impairments (general low back pain, disc problems, etc.)
– Lower extremity impairments (hip, knee, ankle)
– General osteoarthritis
– General weakness

Aquatic therapy is 50-55 min sessions, offered 2 days a week at Dimple Dell Recreation Center.


treadmillRPT offers personalized running specific and gait analysis to enhance running mechanics, efficiency, and prevent injury. Running analysis can be performed in preparation for return to sport following injury or for injury prevention.

Analysis includes:
– Strength evaluation
– ROM and joint evaluation
– Footwear evaluation
– Video gait analysis on treadmill looking at biomechanics, foot strike, stride length, cadence, etc
– Video jumping analysis
– Individual discussion of results
– Exercises and stretches to assist with impairments

iStock_9403138_MEDIUM_1000pxRPT is proud to announce that it now provides in-patient services within HCA’s beautiful new Lone Peak Hospital in Draper, Utah. We feel that we have introduced an innovative model in rehabilitation that will enhance patient continuity of care and ultimately his/her outcome. RPT’s therapists are able to treat you acutely following surgery or illness and, as appropriate, provide home health physical therapy and create a smooth transition to one of our convenient out-patient facilities. This seamless transition provides better care due to our familiarity with physician protocols throughout the process of getting you back to work and play – fast!

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