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RPT Utah offers a wide variety of physical therapy services in Utah to help you quickly return to your normal activities. Our skilled team of Utah physical therapists will get you back to work and play fast! With 11 RPT physical therapy office locations in Utah, you're sure to find comprehensive physical therapy services near you.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Help with recovering from surgery and other injuries, and regaining strength to avoid reinjury.

Sports Physical Therapy

Reduce the risk of sports-related injury, as well as increase athletic potential.

Industrial Health / Occupational Health Physical Therapy

Help with work-related injuries, as well as pre-employment functional assessments.

Women’s Health

Helps relieve pain associated with pregnancy. Also helps with pelvic floor pain and urinary incontinence.

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Used in conjunction with land-based therapy to further assist with mobility and strength.


We offer telehealth solutions so you can get the help you need virtually. Learn how telehealth services at Registered Physical Therapists in Utah work below.

Car Accident Physical Therapy

Our Utah-based physical therapists provide rehabilitation services for victims of car accidents.
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