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Registered Physical Therapists offers sports physical therapy & sports medicine in Utah. Sports injuries are common whether you play at a competitive or recreational level. Seeing a physical therapist at RPT Utah can help you evaluate your injury, so you can quickly get back to playing the sport you love. Schedule your sports physical therapy evaluation at one of our Utah physical therapy office locations today!

Utah Sports Physical Therapy

Sports Injury & Concussion

At RPT, our exceptional sports medicine physical therapists not only treat sports injuries but can also assist you in preventing common sports injuries before they happen. Common sports injuries include hamstring tears, groin pulls, shin splints, knee injuries, and many others. While working with RPT, you will be given a sports-specific treatment plan to help you improve in your sports performance as well as prevent common injuries.

RPT has been working closely with local high school athletic programs since 1971. When it comes to participation in school sports, proper preparation is the key to success. As sports conditioning begins, physical therapy can serve as additional support in assisting high school athletes to be in top shape for their sport and prevent any potential injuries the season may bring. When injuries do occur, it is important to have a trained physical therapist examine the injury. This examination will provide valuable advice on how to treat injuries and help optimize the recovery process. Our physical therapists are also trained to know the warning signs and symptoms of concussions, which can put your athlete in danger if not caught promptly. Proper treatment can help your athlete heal quickly and safely get back to their respective sport, many times at a higher level.

If you have suffered a sports injury or are looking to prevent future injuries, contact RPT to schedule an appointment to start sports medicine physical therapy.

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Increase Strength

Increase Agility/Balance

Decrease Pain

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Utah Sports Physical Therapy Services

Running Analysis

RPT offers personalized running specific and gait analysis to enhance running mechanics, efficiency, and prevent injury. Running analysis can be performed as one prepares for races, as they return to sport following injury, or for injury prevention. Visiting RPT for a running analysis includes:

  • Strength evaluation
  • Range of motion and joint evaluation
  • Footwear evaluation
  • Individual discussion of your results

If you would like to get a head start on your training, or if a running injury has been nagging at you, give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists.

Golf Swing Analysis

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Golf requires strength, flexibility, stability, and mobility mixed into a precise movement we call the golf swing. The Titleist Performance Institute has provided a way for medical professionals to maximize their knowledge of the human body and its movement. Davis Timpson, DPT, has been with RPT for several years and is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute to perform swing analysis and functional screening. He has been amazed by how many of his patients play golf! Improving your golf swing can help you play with less pain, better your scores, and have more fun while playing golf.

Call our Cottonwood Heights location to schedule your golf swing analysis with Davis.

golf swing analysis from utah sports physical therapist
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