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Serving Utah residents is what we love to do – and we think it shows! Since 1971, we've been helping our neighbors get back to life as normal, whether that's returning to work pain-free or hitting the slopes stronger than before. Our wonderful clients are the reason we've been able to grow our physical therapy services in the Salt Lake Valley for over 50 years and counting. Below, we're proud to share just a few of the comments we've recently received.

“The staff, from the therapists to the receptionists, are incredible! The atmosphere is friendly and fun and the therapy is incredible. You can tell that Jon and Matt know what they are doing and they do it well. But, the most important thing for me is that you know how much they care about us, their clients. We get a personal touch that makes us want to be there. Graduating was bittersweet; I’m happy that I am ready, but I am so sad that I won’t be there with my therapy family every week!”

Elizabeth S.Saratoga Springs

“Bret and Chantel truly care about their patients. They take time every visit to make sure they know what is going on with the patient and to assess their needs. Then, they adjust their therapy regimen to align with those needs. I never felt like a number. I never felt like I was mindlessly following a prescribed routine. I always felt heard, supported, and a part of the team. I’m grateful for this phenomenal team and all the hard work they put into getting me healed and safely back to work. These guys are the absolute best!”

Kathryn D.South Bangerter

“I’m happy to share my great experience! At RPT, I only had friendly, helpful, and respectful interactions. If I needed privacy, I had it. I always felt like the staff was looking after my good health. As a result, I improved quickly. I’ve been there for three different post-operative physical therapy programs and will be back within the year for my next surgery. I can’t give enough positive feedback!”

Rebecca W.Saratoga Springs

“I had a totally positive experience at RPT! Josh and the staff were supportive through all of my ups and downs. They encouraged me at every phase of my recovery. I will recommend them to all of my friends!”

Lori B.Draper

“The staff was great! Jared was excellent and I made progress so much faster than I ever imagined. Everyone treated me with courtesy and the utmost care.”

Brenda K.Murray

“I just loved all the people at my location! They were personable and professional. I made quick progress with my "frozen shoulder," even though everything I read said it could take 2 -3 years to heal.”

Wendy N.Saratoga Springs

“I visited RPT for 3 months starting in February. In that time, I took my right leg from zero muscle to full strength. My therapist Britten encouraged my doctor to get the x-ray I needed; sure enough, it found that the pain I was still living with was not a torn groin, but a bone-on-bone hip. After my hip replacement surgery, I was able to attain full recovery and function on the new hip. It took only six weeks to be released on my own. Thanks to Britten and all the staff at West Jordan. What a great group of people to work(out) with.”

Mary A.West Jordan

“In my 30+ years of various sports injuries, Alex is one of the best physical therapists I’ve had. She listens, has compassion, is genuine, and has great skill with manipulative therapy.”


“Mike is an amazing physical therapist! I highly recommend him to all my family and friends. I live in the Herriman area and come all the way to the Sandy location because of him. He takes the time to understand the condition you are experiencing and is very personable. For example, while I was on maternity leave, he took time out of his busy schedule to personally call me and make sure I was doing okay. I really appreciated that. (He is also the bomb at dry needling! I had very little pain when he was placing the needles and it always feels so much better after getting that treatment done.) He is awesome!”

Kirstyn N.Sandy

Other Client Success Stories

Our patients are the most valued part of RPT! Everything we do at RPT is focused on providing a quality experience with the best patient care. Here is what some of our patients have to say about us.

Laura N.

Thank you so much. It is wonderful to be back on my feet. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. I will recommend RPT to others.

Martin N.

All of you folks are very caring and helpful. I’ve recommended your services to a lot of individuals; and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for helping me recover my strength and flexibility!

Rebecca P.

You saved my lifestyle. Thank you with all of my heart and soul!

Renea W.

Everyone was great and very helpful.

Evelyn G.

Thank you to everyone at RPT. I greatly appreciate all you have done to help with my recovery.

Randy J.

This is my 4th time coming in- I would not go anywhere else. I would come back if I needed to.

Rosanna H.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks!

Tammy A.

Everyone was great, so helpful and sweet. I am so grateful to everyone and miss each and every one of you. Thank you so much.

Janaye C.

Loved the personal interaction with all involved with my treatment. Always greeted with a positive/happy attitude. I would recommend RPT to anybody who needs it.

Enilda N.

I love it since the beginning

William P.

Professional detailed treatment tailored to my specific needs. Pre and Post analysis on target and my recovery was enhanced. Everyone on staff knew their job and executed everytime!

Diane A.

The staff and therapists are all excellent. I appreciated the care they gave me and made me feel personally cared for. My body responded to their treatment and I became pain free. Thank you to all who worked with me.

Stephanie J.

RPT is the best! They got me from using a walker back to on my bike. They are friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Thank you RPT!

Ruth J.

I enjoyed working with your team. They were very friendly, and I found them knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you all.

Sheri R.

Everyone at RPT from the front desk to the therapists are awesome. I always felt like they had my rehab as the #1 priority. Everyone is super friendly and made me feel important. If I ever need rehab again I would come back here to RPT!

Jennifer L.

The staff were wonderful! I felt like I got the best treatment and explanations. I felt totally comfortable coming here each week and looked forward to each visit.

Sirene B.

No complaints from me! Thank you so much to the RPT staff and Mckinzy for healing me. I was in so much pain and I was in jeopardy of not being able to play golf. Very professional and friendly atmosphere, love it!

Jennifer W.

Great staff! Even sent my daughter here for her physical therapy! Thanks!

Marin L.

I really enjoyed coming here because the whole team was way nice! I especially loved my therapist. She was so nice and helpful! I honestly have no complaints. Thank you guys so much! I would come here again!!

Seth L.

The therapists were very nice and helped me recover from my injury very well and I would definitely come back in the future if needed.

Tara W,

For my first experience in physical therapy this experience has been great. The staff were interested in getting creative in solving my problems and sending me home with ideas that would give me a long term solution.

Samuel S.

You guys are sooo funny. I liked being here, everyone was so nice and it was very fun to be here even though I hurt my shoulder. Hope you guys keep up the good work, I want to come back again but I wouldn’t, you know 101

Diane G.

I had a terrible accident and broke my leg. Dr. Norwood made my recovery time worth while with all the therapy. He is an amazing Dr. and all his staff are so friendly. I would refer them and return if needed! They are wonderful. Thank you for giving my physical movement back.

Justin O.

My experience was great. Everyone was kind, knowledgeable, and caring. I felt like I got the best treatment possible.

Marlene P.

You are awesome. I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone here. It is like family.

Becky L.

“Excellent experience. I felt that everyone was very professional–yet fun. I like the treatments. I am pain free and satisfied.”

Christina B.

“My experience with RPT was great beginning to end. The office researched my insurance and explained options to me. The staff knew me personally, as in using my name and talking about kids and interests. Everyone was knowledgeable and I was not asked to come any more than needed.”

Welby H.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. RPT taught me the value of effective therapy. Great staff!

Paul B.

Great staff that pays attention to individual patient needs.

Andrew B.

RPT is awesome! They helped me to get back on my feet and back to swimming. The care from everyone was really helpful and very thought out to help me recover. RPT is 11 out of 10.

Janell W.

Your staff is amazing! When you are not feeling your best it is always nice to come to a place where you fell like family. Props to Drew for not only his knowledge but his patience. You are one of a kind.

McKara W.

RPT was so great! Everyone was so helpful and nice. I would tell any of my friends to come here in a heartbeat! My time felt well spent and I actually enjoyed all of it!

Marnie L.

Everyone here is very nice and friendly. I enjoyed getting to know everyone and will miss all of you.

Sarah S.

We loved the experience at RPT. Everyone was kind and professional. Our concerns were addressed and effective treatment was given. Thank you!

Laura A.

Wonderful staff all around! Appreciate their kindness, expertise, helpfulness, politeness. Thank you.

Joann C.

Being sure the patient has the equipment (stretch bands for ex) to take home for follow- through. I loved the friendliness of all the staff. I almost hate to leave.

Kimberly S.

Loved all the employees here at RPT! Everyone is so kind. This makes each visit wonderful. I’d definitely return to RPT.

Victor A.

All of your people were great, I wish it was for a longer time. But Merry Christmas to you all. And a happy new year!

Stephanie O.

You guys really Rocked this, I mean I did the exercises, but teaching me how to do EVERYTHING so I can take it home is the best therapy I ever had.

Ethan F.

Everyone here has been great. We appreciate how well we are taken care of by everyone. Thanks for all that you do.

Trudy G.

All you employees are great. Very knowledgeable and fun to work with. They really helped me to be able to walk normal and go shopping… yea!

Rachel B.

Everyone was always so nice and helpful! I loved coming here. Treatment was very helpful for my back.

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