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Back on the Road

Cycling is a very popular activity in the state of Utah that is continuing to grow in popularity. Not only is cycling a great recreational activity, but it can also be an incredible form of…
March 21, 2022
How to prevent skiing injuries | RPT Utah | Registered Physical TherapistsSportsWinter

How to Prevent Skiing Injuries

The thrill of skiing draws hundreds of thousands of people to Utah’s mountains each year. Speeding downhill on fresh powder gives you a feeling that you can’t get anywhere else. But all that speed means…
March 18, 2022

What is Sports Physical Therapy?

What Is Sports Physical Therapy? According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, more than 3.5 million teens and children will experience a sports-related injury each year. Sports-related injuries can strike at any time and when they do,…
October 25, 2021