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RPT Telehealth

RPT offers a telehealth solution to help you get the help you need virtually. See how it works below.

How it Works

Prior to scheduling your telehealth visit, we recommend contacting your insurance plan to receive telehealth coverage information.


Step #1

Navigate to to create a free Clocktree profile. Once your profile has been created, login to the Clocktree platform.

Step #2

If you know which therapist you’d like to schedule an appointment with, simply click the “Services” tab under the RPT logo, and choose the therapist you want to directly message. The therapist will then respond to set up your e-visit.

Step #3

If you don’t have a specific therapist in mind, simply click the green “Contact Us” button on the right side of the screen, and a therapist will then contact you to set up your e-visit.
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