Knee Pain

PT Before Surgery

By October 18, 2016No Comments

For people thinking about knee surgery or replacement, the idea of a strenuous post-op recovery can seem unnerving. In post-op care, patients relearn how to walk and perform other day-to-day movements. The recovery can take weeks and sometimes months. Many patients are scared and shy away from the surgery because of the daunting length of recovery time.

A recent report by the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery states that “physical therapy before total hip or total knee replacement surgery can help reduce the need for post-operative care by nearly 30 percent, saving an average of $1,215 per patient.”

We encourage anyone considering knee surgery to come in and let us help with the “prehab” side of recovery. Our programs can be customized to meet the specific needs and physical ability of each patient. Here are a few reasons why physical therapy before surgery can be beneficial:

  • “Prehab” can strengthen muscles around the joint and other muscles (muscles that often have to overcompensate after surgery)
  • “Prehab” can improve balance and mobility
  • “Prehab” often results in less pain after surgery, leading to better rehabilitation success
  • “Prehab” can increase confidence and motivation to recover after the surgery
  • The better a patient’s range of motion and strength are before surgery usually lends to less time in post-op rehab. The areas of motion and strength are main goals in “prehab.”

At RPT we want to make sure you recover quickly and easily after a major surgery. Call us today to schedule your “prehab” session and let us help you meet your goals in post-operative care.