The MCL (medial collateral ligament) is the most commonly damaged ligament in the knee. While injuries to this ligament most often occur in athletes, they can occur in nonathletes as well. The MCL is located on the inner part of your knee, so injuries to this ligament occur as a result of a blow to the outside of the knee. Some steps you could take to prevent this injury include fully stretching and warming up before activity, wearing correct shoes that fit well for the activity, and following a consistent strength-training program.

If you’re experiencing this injury, physical therapy is an effective way to treat the pain you’re experiencing and get you back to your life.

Some symptoms to watch for that could indicate this injury include:
-A popping sound as the injury occurs
-Difficulty and pain when trying to bend or straighten your knee
-A feeling of instability
-Pain on the inner side of the knee
-Swelling and bruising
-Pain when walking, sitting down, or climbing stairs

When you schedule your appointment with one of our experienced Physical Therapists at RPT, you’ll receive an individualized treatment plan once a diagnosis has been reached. Our Physical Therapists can help reduce pain, improve motion, improve balance and speed up the recovery process. You’ll receive an at-home exercise and stretching program to increase your healing rate, which will also help to prevent any future injuries. It’s important to follow this program closely for optimal results. Don’t live in pain any longer, give us a call at 801-571-0099 to schedule your appointment with one of our Physical Therapists.