Exercise is a key factor in preventing chronic pain and disease as you age. The proven benefits of exercise include reduced risk of cancer and chronic diseases such as heart disease, and can promote improved bone health, cognitive function, weight control, and overall quality of life. Although these are proven benefits of exercise, most Americans don’t get adequate amounts of exercise. 

  • The guidelines for adequate amounts of exercise are listed below and broken down by age groups.
  • Preschool aged children (3-5 years): This age group should have active play for 3 hours per day. Try to provide a variety of activities that allow the child to exercise and limit time spent sitting around.
  • Children and adolescents (6-17 years): It’s recommended that this age group gets at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. 
  • Adults: It’s recommended that adults get at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week. In addition to this, it’s recommended that muscle strengthening activities are included two times per week at least. 
  • Older adults: In addition to the same recommendations as younger adults, it’s recommended that older adults work in some balance training into their fitness routine. 

Certain situations and circumstances will change your exercise recommendations, so it’s important to discuss your physical limitations and/or injuries with a Physical Therapist. Our Physical Therapists at RPT are exercise specialists and understand what exercises will be the best for you with your specific circumstances.

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