In honor of September being Healthy Aging Month, we’re sharing the important role that physical therapy plays in aging well throughout your life.

Commonly, physical therapy is seen as something that is prioritized when you experience an injury or following surgery for proper rehabilitation. This misconception overlooks the importance a Physical Therapist plays in the older adult community to keep them active, safe, and independent. Our Physical Therapists at RPT are highly trained healthcare professionals with expertise in movement and exercise. As you age, it’s a good idea to visit regularly with a Physical Therapist who can provide you with exercises to stay independent and maintain an active lifestyle. If utilized correctly, Physical Therapists play an important role in preventing injury and, ultimately, aging healthily.

What to Expect

When you schedule an appointment at RPT, we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of. Our Physical Therapists will discuss your health history with you to identify any potential risk factors, as well as get a feel of the goals you’re hoping to achieve by going to physical therapy. From here, you’ll receive a personalized plan that will be individualized to meet your specific needs. If you want to increase your balance and mobility, you’ll be given exercises to practice at home to help you meet your goals. It’s essential that you follow the plan given to you and practice these exercises at home to see measurable progress. Make sure to listen to your body and communicate with your Physical Therapist if you’re experiencing pain that’s not typical soreness from exercise.

Aging healthily is possible as you work with a Physical Therapist who can guide you through the complexities of aging. To schedule your appointment, please call 801-571-0099.