Staying active in your later years can greatly improve your quality of life. It can also lower your risk for many health problems such as heart disease. In your later years of life, you want to live comfortably and independently. By making an effort to stay active, you will be able to do these things. Here are a few of the numerous benefits you will notice if you try to stay active and healthy throughout your life and especially as you age.

Injury Prevention: Staying active can help prevent injuries in older adults. Physical activity keeps the muscles flexible and strong so injuries are less common. Proper posture and stability also increase as physical activity increases, which helps lead to less falls in the elderly.

Strengthens Immune System: Physical activity helps keep illness away by strengthening the immune system. When you are older, your immune system leaves you susceptible to more illnesses. Exercising can strengthen your immune system to help you lead a healthy life.

Mental Wellness: Exercise can boost your mental wellness. Proper dosage of exercise has been shown to relieve tension, anxiety, depression, and anger. If you choose to exercise with your significant other or friends, this will also help you stay social as you age, which is very important.

The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. Simply put, if you try to get at least 30 minutes of activity in per day, you will be able to improve your physical and mental health and prolong your independence during your golden years.