It’s not uncommon to have a longer healing time for soft tissue injuries compared to bone fractures. If you’ve ever sprained a joint or experienced tendinitis, you understand the frustration. RPT offers a therapy called scraping therapy (or Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization), which has had high success rates of speeding up this healing process of soft tissues. Today, we’re explaining the process of scraping therapy and some of the benefits you could be taking advantage of.

What is Scraping Therapy?

Scraping therapy is a manual form of therapy where an instrument is used to scrape over the skin and improve circulation in the area. This has been shown to aid in breaking down scar tissues that are often a result of some kind of trauma. This also helps to promote a better healing environment for the soft tissue. Some of the advantages of scraping therapy include a decrease in overall treatment/recovery time, reduction of the need for anti-inflammatory medication, and effective treatment of some chronic conditions.

You may benefit from scraping therapy if you’ve been experiencing neck pain, back pain, sprained ankle, torn tendons/ligaments, or chronic pain.

How Do I Know if This is Right For Me?

When you schedule your consultation with a Physical Therapist at RPT, they’ll be able to direct you to the treatment plan that will benefit you the most. Depending on your symptoms and diagnosis, you could be a great candidate for scraping therapy.

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