Aging gracefully is ultimately finding the optimal balance between the physical, social, mental, psychological, and spiritual aspects of aging. Each of these aspects will likely be a focus at different times and seasons in our lives. However, because of the multifaceted nature of our beings, we must be intentional in how we grow, develop, and maintain these seasons of aging. 

Improving physical abilities and focusing on staying active can assist in strengthening the other four aspects of living a full and graceful life. Daily activity and maintaining strength are vital components to aging well. Implementing the following physical activities can help in the aging process. 

  1. Walk every day. Research shows that taking a walk after meals is an excellent way to lower blood glucose. This can help in avoiding diabetes and maintaining cardiac health. 
  2. Weight train. All aspects of mobility require adequate muscle strength. If you are nervous about adding strength to your routine, talk to a Physical Therapist. 
  3. Keep socializing. Exercise is more fun in a group. Try walking with a friend or sign up for group exercise sessions with others who have the same goal to stay strong. 
  4. Be proactive. A common scenario we often witness is individuals waiting too long to get help for those nagging aches and pains that are preventing them from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are suffering from persistent pain, schedule an appointment with a Physical Therapist. 

Aging gracefully is possible. If you need help maintaining your physical independence as you age, give us a call at 801-571-0099.