In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, we’re sharing the top three reasons why you should choose physical therapy as a way of improving your quality of life. A common misconception of physical therapy is that it’s only for those who have experienced injuries or need to recover post-surgical procedure. While physical therapy can play a key role in healing after these sometimes life-changing events, physical therapy is also for those who are looking to strengthen their muscles and joints to decrease the risk of injury in the future.

Why Choose Physical Therapy?
It’s a safer and more effective way to manage pain. Taking pain medication can mask the pain, but the underlying problem is still there. There are also possible risks of taking pain medication, such as developing a dependence on it to function daily. Sometimes, your doctor will recommend a combination of physical therapy and pain medication. When you focus on your physical therapy in context with your full recovery plan given by your doctor, you’ll see measurable improvements in your recovery.
It improves your flexibility and balance. By improving your balance and flexibility, you’re decreasing your chances of falls and injuries. Physical therapy can be incredibly beneficial to seniors to help them maintain their independence as they age.
Physical therapy speeds up your recovery time and improves results from surgery. You could have the best knee surgeon perform a knee replacement, but if you’re not actively participating in your recovery plan and physical therapy, your results won’t be optimal. We’re here to ensure you heal properly following injuries and surgeries.

For these reasons and more, physical therapy can and will improve the quality of your life. To schedule your appointment, give us a call at 801-571-0099.