September is Pain Awareness Month! It’s common to experience pain as a result of a variety of injuries and/or disorders. It’s also unfortunately common to turn to opioids for pain relief. This month, we wanted to promote the decision to #ChoosePT to help with any pain you may be experiencing. By choosing physical therapy for your pain relief, you’re reducing your risk of opioid addiction and being proactive about your health, not just managing the symptoms.

Experiencing pain is personal, but healing from pain should be a team effort. Our expert Physical Therapists know how to guide you to a more pain-free life in a safe way. When we meet with you, we’ll diagnose the pain you’re experiencing. From here, we’ll be able to create an individualized treatment plan specific to your needs. We have seen a full range of disorders and injuries causing pain and know the best treatment plan to get you back to a pain-free life. It’s important to understand that you’re not alone with this experience and we understand how difficult it can be. Physical therapy has had high success rates in rehabilitating those who suffer from chronic pain, you can trust us with your recovery.

This month, help us raise awareness of the important role of physical therapy in your recovery. It doesn’t matter what kind of pain you’re suffering from, we can help you. Take time for yourself this month and make your healing a priority. Give us a call at 801-571-0099.