Depending on the injury you’re suffering from, your only option may be surgery. However, in most cases, your doctor may recommend a more conservative approach. This is where physical therapy comes in. In many cases, our Physical Therapists have helped our patients avoid surgery by improving their condition and managing the pain they’re experiencing.

Roberto shares his experience with how physical therapy can help patients avoid surgery. He has suffered from degenerative disc disease, which is incredibly painful. He did not want to move forward with surgery, so he was recommended to a Physical Therapist.

“My physical therapist, who really listens and cares, has enabled me to avoid back surgery and stop using the anti-inflammatories. Instead of using medications, I have my mobility!”

Roberto now attends physical therapy twice a week. His treatments include exercise, manual therapy, stretches, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic massage.

If you’re experiencing pain and think that surgery is your only option, you’ll find that in most cases, it isn’t. The best part is that you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see our Physical Therapists here at RPT. Our Physical Therapists are experienced in diagnosing the pain you’re experiencing and providing the treatment that will best benefit you. We’re here to give you your mobility and life back. As you work with your Physical Therapist, you’ll see a visible increase in the quality of your life.

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