Frequent Headaches? We Can Help!

Headaches are one of the most common health problems. There can be many reasons why you may be experiencing headaches, which can make it frustrating to manage them. While most headaches are harmless, severe headaches can interfere with your everyday life and make it difficult for you to participate in activities you enjoy. The most common kind of headache is called a tension headache, with up to 80% of adults experiencing them in the US. (You can learn more about tension headaches here) This is sometimes caused by incorrect posture, fatigue, or stress. They can also be caused by an accident or injury.

These headaches may not bother you much if they don’t occur often, however when they become chronic they can make your everyday responsibilities difficult. When headaches occur less than 15 days during one month they are considered episodic tension headaches, but when they happen more often is when they are considered chronic tension headaches.

How We Can Help:

While many people think pain medication is their only option, your physical therapist can help you here at RPT. We will help you resolve the underlying problem causing the headaches, with the goal of making them less frequent and less severe.

Some things we will help you with are:

  • Improving your posture – Slight modifications to the way you sit or stand can minimize headache pain. Your therapist will analyze your posture to determine what muscles need to be stretched or strengthened to maintain proper posture through the day.
  • Improving neck mobility – Here at RPT, we use manual therapy to increase movement of your neck and relieve pain. Manual therapy is when a therapist stretches your muscles manually and mobilizes the joints that may be causing you pain and/or limited motion, among many other treatments. This therapy helps to decrease the tension in the muscles and improves the motion of the joints that may be affecting your headaches.
  • Improving muscle strength – Your therapist can give you strengthening exercises that will increase the stability in your upper back and neck. This will make it easier for you to sit or stand for long periods of time without discomfort or pain.

Our friendly and experienced staff are prepared to help you on your way to living a healthy life, free of pain. Our passion here at RPT is helping others, so let us help you today. Give us a call at a location near you to schedule an appointment with us and start improving your life.