Today is World Physical Therapy Day! We are celebrating by sharing with you why physical therapy is so important and how it can benefit you. Though you may relate physical therapy mainly with injury recovery, there are so many other benefits this exciting field can offer.

Our experts at RPT can help identify, diagnose, and treat issues with your movement and body mechanics. By maximizing your movement, you will be able to participate in your daily activities with minimized pain and decreasing risks of injury. Physical therapy can also help you manage pain without using addictive pain management medications, like opioids. You’re probably aware that physical therapy can help you recover after a surgery, but did you know that it can also help you avoid surgery in the first place? Our physical therapists at RPT will create an individualized plan to keep you out of the operating room, if possible, and speed up your recovery.

A man named Roberto shared his story of recovery on’s website. He was already suffering from spinal stenosis when he slipped and fell, fracturing his right shoulder bone. He said, “I have degenerative disc disease, which can be very painful. My physical therapist has enabled me to avoid surgery and stop using anti-inflammatories. Instead of my medications, I have my mobility!”

There are many reasons why you should choose physical therapy. We can help you lead a healthy life. Physical therapy has played a key role in improving the lives of many people. If you are ready to start your journey to recovery, give us a call.