When most people think of physical therapy, they think of recovering from various injuries or accidents. While physical therapy can help you recover from injuries, there is another useful aspect of this incredible field. Your overall health can be greatly improved if you see your physical therapist annually. By choosing to have an annual checkup with your physical therapist, you can help prevent issues before they arise.

In which aspects can your physical therapist help you in an annual appointment? Your physical therapist can help you with your body alignment, walking/gait patterns, healthy exercise postures, improve flexibility, and point out areas where your muscles may be weaker and need improvement. For example, if you know you have weak ankle ligaments, your physical therapist can give you exercises to improve this and help you with a plan to prevent any further injuries. Our physical therapists at RPT can help you design an action plan and work with you to reach your physical goals.

While many people don’t recognize an annual physical therapy appointment as a necessity, it may be a growing health standard because of the positive results that can come from it. Take the example of regular car inspections. You take your car in for oil changes, tire rotations, and checkups which keep it maintained and running well. Since your body should be kept in the best condition possible to prevent further health issues, make sure to schedule a checkup with us annually. Let us help you along your journey of health and improve your quality of life!