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Direct Access

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No referral? No problem? Physical therapy in Utah is recognized as a “direct access” health service. This means that a physician referral is not required by state law to access physical therapists’ services for evaluation and treatment. It eliminates the middle-man and allows patients to come to RPT directly without a referral. Because there is no need for referrals to see us, patients can save money and the time it would take visit with their general physicians first.Physiotherapist giving knee therapy to a woman

One more way direct access helps: it eliminates barriers to entry. If people want physical therapy, there shouldn’t be anything that stops them. That’s what direct access does – opens the market and enables people to seek the services they want without restriction.

Direct access can also help eliminate unnecessary confusion between physician and patient. When a person seeking help comes directly to a physical therapist, they can describe their problem only once and to only one person. Instead of waiting for medical records, a referral, and a diagnosis to be sent to our clinics, they can walk in the door and receive the necessary treatment quicker.

We appreciate all the referrals that physicians send us, and are aware of their important role in our business. Physicians are great resources for general health questions and help in determining the need for physical therapy.

Here at RPT, we offer a free consultation to see if physical therapy is the right option for a patient. Please call us today to set up a time to get moving and feeling better again.