Whether you’ve bruised, broken, or sprained something, we’ve seen and treated it all. We have years of experience in these common types of injuries, so you can rest assured that when you choose RPT, you choose experts for your healthcare. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common injuries we treat in our offices.

Back pain – Many people come into our offices seeking help for their back pain. This can be caused by overuse, advancing age, or an event causing the injury. We can help diagnose and create treatment plans to minimize the pain you’re experiencing and get you back to your life.

Arthritis – Arthritis can be caused by advancing age or by repetitive motions. This is why we typically see it in athletes and those who are older in age. We can provide you with the knowledge, stretches, and exercises to successfully manage the symptoms of arthritis.

Fractures – While the fracture is immobilized by a cast, the surrounding muscles weaken and the joints get stiff. When we see those recovering from fractures, we are able to help them rebuild their strength and regain their mobility.

Torn ligaments & tendons – Sometimes surgery is needed to repair these ligaments or tendons. We are able to provide our patients with exercises and stretches that are right for them during their recovery, whether they’ve had surgery or not.

We understand that your quality of life depends on continued recovery from these types of injuries and proper training to avoid future injury. At RPT, we’re invested in helping you recover and seeing you live your life to the fullest.