For many athletes training takes place year-round. While this leaves a large window of chance for athletic injuries, it’s important to remember that physical therapy isn’t only for athletes with injuries. At RPT, we see and treat a wide variety of patients. Our patients aren’t all athletes and they don’t suffer from only sports injuries.

Our physical therapists have been extensively trained to evaluate and diagnose certain issues before they have a chance to become serious issues. An early diagnosis allows you to work through a treatment plan to help strengthen muscles and ligaments, so you’re able to prevent a serious injury in the future. Our physical therapists can treat a range of symptoms and health issues from headaches to carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s important to see a physical therapist if you’re suffering from a sports injury, but you don’t have to wait until you suffer an injury. You can choose physical therapy before an injury to continue strengthening your body and cut down on your risk for a future injury.

At RPT, our priority is seeing our patients return to doing what they love. We want you to be healthy enough to play your favorite sport without pain or simply be able to pick up your child again without pain. When you go to physical therapy, you’re choosing to invest in your health and strengthen your body.