A fact of life we all face is that, at some points, physical pain is inevitable. This may come in the form of the usual aches and pains of aging or from sudden injuries. Neither of these are easy to deal with which is why so many choose to seek help to improve their quality of life. Physical therapy can help you recover from injuries and strengthen weakened muscles. If you choose to actively participate in physical therapy as a preventative measure or as a tool for pain management, you’ll be able to prevent more severe injuries as you strengthen your muscles.

Are you still on the fence about physical therapy? Let us help you off the fence. Here are five reasons why you should choose physical therapy:

  1. Increased physical and mental health. When you work with a therapist at RPT, they’ll help you create an individualized plan to help maximize your time spent stretching and exercising. As you exercise and work on becoming more active, your body will naturally release hormones that can improve your mood.
  2. Minimized chronic pain. If you’re using physical therapy as a tool to manage chronic pain, you’ll see results as you and your physical therapist work toward the same goal. Physical therapy has been proven as an incredibly useful form of pain management.
  3. Increased muscle strength. As you work diligently with your Physical Therapist, you’ll see a change in your muscle strength. This is especially helpful as a preventative measure, decreasing your chance for future severe injuries.
  4. Increased flexibility and mobility. This will help minimize the amount of soreness you feel from exercising or from daily activities. Increased flexibility and mobility will also decrease your chance of future injuries.
  5. Someone to push you toward your health goals. Our Physical Therapists at RPT are passionate about their work and seeing you succeed. When you choose RPT, you choose a partner in your health who’s invested in helping you reach your goals.