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4 Reasons to Choose Physical Therapy

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4 Reasons to Choose PT

Because it’s National Physical Therapy Month, we wanted to share why physical therapy is beneficial.

  1. Physical therapy can improve motion and mobility: Many of our patients need help regaining balance after a surgery or as they age. Because physical therapy utilizes a combination of exercises done at home and in our offices, the techniques we teach can help our patients to continue a healthy recovery long after their appointments at RPT end. Physical therapy can help reduce pain from daily activities by strengthening and stretching key muscle groups.
  2. Surgical Benefits: Physical therapy has proven to be just as successful as surgery for injuries such as meniscal tears, degenerative disks, and rotator cuff tears. It’s important to consult  with your doctor first to see if physical therapy can help in any of these areas. Most people spend time preparing for a major surgery in a variety of ways, but many don’t think about physical therapy as a way to prepare. When people work in physical therapy before a surgery, it can help speed up recovery time after their surgery.
  3. Helping children with fine motor skills: Physical therapy is a great resource for children who are struggling to meet motor skill milestones. By working one-one-one with your child, our physical therapists create a personalized plan to ensure that your child is learning and growing at a positive rate.
  4. Help with age-related issues: One-third of senior adults over the age of 65 report falling at some point in one year. 9,500 of those falls result in death. Physical therapy for seniors can be beneficial in helping improve balance and strength. This can also help improve their independence in a home and their overall well-being. (To learn more about PT for seniors read our other blog post here)

We want to help you with whatever you physical ailments may be. Our team is passionate about helping people and dedicated to seeing our patients succeed in life. Visit our website at or visit one of our clinics for a free consultations with one of our therapists to see if physical therapy can assist you.