Experiencing pain is one of the top reasons why Americans seek health care. In fact, over 100 million American adults are suffering from chronic pain. Instead of treating the underlying issues, many doctors are quick to prescribe opioids to mask the pain. This contributes to the huge opioid crisis Utah is experiencing.

Often, chronic pain needs to be treated with an integrated, multidisciplinary approach. This means that it takes several different kinds of treatments to achieve pain relief. Since pain is so complex and individualized to the person experiencing it, it’s important to choose a health professional who can spend the necessary one-on-one time with you to help successfully diagnose and treat your pain. When you choose a Physical Therapist, you get the professional treatment you need and the one-on-one time for them to really understand the type of pain you’re experiencing.

Pain medication is sometimes necessary and it has its use for many who choose it. As you may have heard, there is an ongoing crisis when it comes to opioid prescription use. It is important to explore all of your options as you begin to experience pain. Choosing physical therapy before turning to opioids can be incredibly effective, as it treats the underlying issue instead of masking the pain. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at RPT.

The CDC states that “Non-pharmacologic therapy and non-opioid pharmacologic therapy are
preferred for chronic pain.”

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