Before you hit the slopes, it’s important to prepare your body. Whether you prefer skiing or snowboarding, both can be strenuous on your body. Many people develop injuries from lack of preparation for the season and have to end their winter sports fun early. We’re sharing some simple and effective ways to condition your body, have fun, and make the most of your winter sports season.

  • Double leg squats: Place your feet shoulder width apart and balance your weight in the center of your body. Make sure you’re practicing proper body mechanics by ensuring your knees and feet are facing forward as you perform the squats. Also, do not let your knees track too far over your toes. These squats strengthen your leg muscles, preparing you for the approaching winter season.
  • Side-to-side skaters: While standing on one leg, take a large step to the side with the other leg. Stand on that leg and repeat the opposite direction. Make sure to focus on your knees and make sure they are not buckling inward. Don’t rush this, the slower you go, the more difficult it will be for you. This will build strength and balance more quickly.
  • Side planks: These can be modified for ease by lying on your side with your knees bent, propped up on one elbow. The more difficult version will be the same as the first option, just on your feet instead of knees. This strengthens your core, allowing you to have better balance while you’re on your skis or snowboard.

By practicing these simple exercises, you’ll be able to get your body ready for the upcoming winter sports season. If you’ve recently experienced an injury or need help with some strengthening exercises, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at RPT. We’ll get you back on your feet and back to doing what you love.