Which team are you cheering for in this year’s Super Bowl? Whether your team is the Patriots or the Rams, a high-intensity sport such as football requires many of the players to participate in an active physical therapy treatment program. In fact, physical therapy is so important for these athletes that each NFL team has its own physical therapy specialists to provide services when needed. These athletes benefit from physical therapy in many ways such as:

  • Improved flexibility and mobility. By participating in a preventative treatment plan, they strengthen their muscles and increase their flexibility and mobility, decreasing their risk of injuries during their practices or games.
  • Quicker injury recovery. Following an injury, physical therapy can help an athlete recover more quickly. A Physical Therapist will create an individualized treatment plan to get the athlete on the road to recovery with stretches and exercises designed to increase functionality and strength.
  • Increased speed and strength. A physical therapy treatment program can actually help an athlete improve their skills on the field. Physical Therapists are trained professionals with extensive knowledge in exercises and stretching that will be most beneficial to their patients or athletes. By partnering with a Physical Therapist, an athlete can strengthen muscles and increase their power both on and off the field.

While physical therapy has numerous benefits for professional athletes, the benefits are the same for everyone else who reaches out for help from a Physical Therapist. If you think you could benefit from physical therapy, give us a call at 801-571-0099 to schedule your appointment with us!