The muscle groups in both of your feet make up 25% of the number of the body’s muscles. If you neglect strengthening these muscle groups, you can end up with pain and foot problems. With proper training and conditioning, these problems are preventable. Having quality shoes that support your feet is one way to take care of your feet, but there are also some exercises you can do to help prevent future injuries.

First off, always stretch your feet and ankles before any type of exercise. Avoid excessive sprinting or other high-impact exercises, and avoid rapidly increasing the number of miles you run. Also try to avoid running on hard surfaces, such as concrete, and running or training uphill.

Here are a couple of exercises we’d recommend to strengthen the muscles in your feet:

Foot circles with therabands:

A resistance band will help add tension to this exercise. Do 20 points and flexes with your foot. Then do 20 circles clockwise, and 20 circles counterclockwise. This will help create more movement in your ankle joints and create a larger range of motion.

Pick up items with your toes:

This will help strengthen the bottom of your feet. You can pick up small pebbles, marbles, or other objects with your toes from the ground. You can also use a towel to scrunch together with your toes. Repeat with both feet.

If you notice pain in your feet that’s chronic and causing other health issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our physical therapists at RPT. We can help you return to your daily life activities with techniques and exercises to manage pain.