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We have several informational articles about various topics relating to physical therapy. If you are looking for specific information that you cannot find, please reach out to one of our locations, and one of our friendly employees will help you!


Proper Lifting

We have all heard the saying “lift with your legs.” But what does that really mean? Why is it so important to lift with our legs? Injuries can happen anytime, and many back injuries occur…
August 23, 2016
High School Sports

RPT and High School Sports

Registered Physical Therapists has a long history with local high schools in the Salt Lake Valley communities. Since 1972 we have been providing sports medicine coverage and physicals for the athletes to be able to…
August 23, 2016

Shin Splints

RPT Blog: Shin Splints Shin splints are not fun. Every long distance runner knows the pain. You’re in the middle of a 5 mile run, doing great, beating your mile time. Then all of a…
August 23, 2016

Healthy Running

RPT Blog: Healthy Running Running is one of the best forms of exercise that one can get. But 65% of runners will get a running related injury in the next year. If logging long miles…
August 23, 2016

P.T. for Seniors

Physical therapy can be a vital part in assisting seniors to maintain mobility and independence. Besides strengthening important muscles, it can also reduce pain and the risks of falling. As the body ages, the equilibrium…
August 2, 2016