High School Sports

RPT and High School Sports

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Registered Physical Therapists has a long history with local high schools in the
Salt Lake Valley communities. Since 1972 we have been providing sports medicine coverage and physicals for the athletes to be able to perform at their best. RPT provides concussion testing pre-season and during the season on students to make sure they are treated quickly and correctly. If a student is injured during play of a sport, athletic trainers and therapists are available for personalized treatment. We love our high school athletes and want to help any injured athletes return to their sport quickly and at full potential.

Treatment and training programs are individualized to each athlete based on his or her sport and specific position. All training is completed with specific goals in mind including injury prevention, speed enhancement, agility, power, strength, balance, flexibility and functional movement. Here’s what one student said about our program:

RPT Sports Performance is very specific and personalized–RPT gave me individual attention that is absent in other performance programs. The training is intense and concentrated with no time wasted. Each session makes you feel that you have improved tremendously. RPT Sports Performance is the best decision I have made in my athletic career and the training is at an elite level.” -Jordan, Herriman High School

Currently, RPT provides sports medicine coverage to students at Skyline, Brighton, Bingham, West Jordan, and Riverton high schools. We are there for the athletes on and off the field!