Of all sports injuries in the United States, 45% are ankle sprains. Though common, these types of injuries can severely impact your day-to-day activities. Not to mention, they can be downright painful. An ankle sprain is an injury that impacts the ligaments surrounding your ankle joint. If you experience pain, swelling, inability to walk or stand on the affected foot, or weakness, these can all be indicators of a sprain.

So, should you see a Physical Therapist for this type of injury? The answer is a resounding yes! Our therapists here at RPT can help you get back on your feet and minimize the risk of future injury. We’ll be able to provide you with personalized health information and an individualized plan to speed up the recovery time and improve your strength and function.

Sometimes, if a sprain is severe enough, it may require surgery to fix the ligaments. In this case, your Physical Therapist at RPT will be your best friend. They’ll be able to suggest the right doctor for you, help you to recover after the surgery, and regain your mobility, flexibility, and strength.

As you work with one of our talented Physical Therapists, you’ll find that you’ll return to your daily activities in no time. We’ll help you manage your pain and gain the strength you need to be active again – as well as decreasing the risk of future injury. Are you ready to get back to your life? We can help.