According to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. The most common workplace injuries include strains, sprains, soreness, and lacerations. If you find yourself injured on the job, it’s important to find the right medical treatment to get you back on your feet and back to your job. 

How Physical Therapy Can Help

Our Physical Therapists are specifically trained to be able to deal with workplace injuries efficiently and get you back to your job. We understand that lost time at work can cause unnecessary stress on you and your family, so we’re here to help. When you partner with RPT as you begin your recovery, you can rest assured that you’re trusting your health to the best hands. 

Relieve pain: Depending on your injury, your Physical Therapist will put together an individualized program to get you on the path to recovery. As you follow this plan, you’ll start to heal and feel less pain caused by this injury. 

Regain strength and mobility: Physical therapy can help you to regain your strength and mobility following a work injury. A lot of work injuries are sustained from workplaces that require some physical exertion, so it’s important to gain back your strength to be able to go back to work. 

Prevent future injury: As you regain your strength and mobility, we’ll be able to help you prevent future injury at your workplace. We’ll give you exercises to perform at home that will continue to build your strength and prevent your risk of future injury.

Schedule Your Appointment

We accept Medicare and Medicaid insurances as well as a wide variety of other insurances. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule your appointment. We’ll get you back to work and life with less pain.