Recovering from a stroke can be a lengthy process. Physical Therapists are an integral part of a stroke recovery team. Rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible following a stroke, with the goal of getting you back to your daily life activities at home, at work, and within your community.

If you’ve experienced a stroke and are working with a Physical Therapist, you’ll receive an individualized plan to help improve motion and strength and to reduce any pain you may be feeling in order to improve the quality of your life. Treatment for strokes can vary greatly since everyone will experience different symptoms and different severities of a stroke. Your Physical Therapist will work closely with you to provide the right treatment plan for your specific needs.

MoveForwardPT shares an incredible experience of a young boy who experienced a stroke and his experience with physical therapy.

“On December 7, 2008, 13-year-old Tanner Franson from Mondovi, Wisconsin, was building a snow fort with a friend when he suddenly collapsed on the front stairs of his friend’s house and was rushed to the hospital with his life on the line and an uncertain future. He had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

Caused by an undetected birth defect, brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM), Tanner’s stroke resulted in a coma and the need for three brain surgeries. The outlook was grim.

But by the following May, Tanner was attending half-days at school, made the honor roll, and was looking forward to the possibility of getting back into baseball and soccer. His mother, Diann Franson, credits her son’s recovery to his physical therapist, Nancy Olson-Bauer, PT, of Mondovi Physical Therapy. Under her care, Tanner has made the kind of progress that his mother had previously thought impossible.”

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