Physical Therapy after a Stroke

Every year in the US, two-thirds of individuals who suffer a stroke survive and need rehabilitation. Having a stroke can affect the speed of actions, changes in depth perception, range of motion and strength which can severely limit one’s abilities.

Although physical therapy isn’t a cure for stroke victims, proper care and rehabilitation will allow for better healing and improvement in overall function. Physical therapy helps patients relearn how to do certain activities after a stroke, such as walking or using their hands and arms properly. If the stroke has permanently affected a part of the body, therapy can help patients learn to do daily tasks in a different way, using compensation strategies.

Our physical therapists employ strategies such as selective sensory stimulation and active or passive range of motion activities. The overall goal is to allow the stroke victim to live as independently as possible.

With a multi-faceted strategy, we are dedicated to getting you or your loved one back to a functional level.