Did you know that 87% of all fractures in the elderly are due to falls? Of that 87%, ⅔ of those who have fallen will experience another fall that results in injury within 6 months. Taking a tumble as an older adult can have some serious consequences. As you get older, your risk of falling and injuring yourself increases. Our Physical Therapists at RPT treat a wide variety of physical ailments, but many don’t initially think of us as a valuable resource to help reduce their risk of falls and injury prevention.

Andrea shared her experiences here. She was a 70 year-old woman who had experienced a couple of falls. None of them resulted in serious injuries, yet as time went on, she experienced pain in her knee. She met with a Physical Therapist who conducted a full medical history and proceeded with a diagnosis and a plan to meet her goals of increasing her ability to move with safety and to lessen the pain she was feeling. After several weeks of consistent work and sticking to her plan, Andrea gained more strength and became increasingly confident in her ability to move with the fear of falling.

She says, I feel stronger and “more alive” than I have in years.” She proudly states that she is now able to take walks around the block with her grandchildren – pain-free and without any fear of falling!

Now is your time to take charge of your health and be proactive. If you feel like your risk of falling is high, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment with a therapist at RPT. We can help you move forward in your life with confidence!