According to the CDC, more than one third of US adults 65 and older fall each year. 20% to 30% of people who fall suffer moderate to severe injuries. Our physical therapists can help reduce the risk and prevent falls.

What can physical therapists do to help increase balance and stability?

Our physical therapists develop individualized physical activity plans that aim to increase strength, stability, and mobility in people that have problems with balance. Other things our physical therapists will assess are:

  • Fall Risk – Our therapists look at household and environmental hazards and obstacles to give ideas on how to minimize these risks.
  • Existing Activity Level – Our therapists look at the activities you are participating in now and assess future activity goals. They will help you reach these goals in a safe way.
  • Muscle Strength – Strength plays a large part in balance and weakness can increase susceptibility to falls. Our therapists will prescribe activities and exercises to improve your muscle strength.
  • Muscle Flexibility and Posture – Our therapists will help assess which muscles are too tight and need to be stretched. From there, you will be given stretches you will be able to do at home to gently stretch these muscles.

Meeting with our physical therapists can help you regain the confidence to continue living life to its fullest. By improving your balance you can reduce your fear of falls and keep living a healthy life. Give us a call today at an office near you to begin your journey to better health here at RPT.