Women, children, and the elderly are more at risk for elbow fractures. This can happen easily by falling and trying to catch yourself by reaching out your arms. There are three types of fractures, ranging from least severe to the most. If you have a type 3 fracture, you will need surgery.

Since this type of fracture isn’t uncommon, it’s important to understand the role physical therapy plays in your recovery. Whether you need surgery or not, physical therapy can help speed up recovery time. Your physical therapist can also check for other damaged joints and muscles, and check to make sure the nerves and blood vessels have not been affected by the broken bone.

If you experience this type of injury, it will be important to keep your elbow immobilized for a short time to ensure you don’t further harm yourself. As you work with one of our therapists at RPT, they will ensure your elbow joint stays mobile and show you techniques to maintain mobility with proper stretching and exercise. Our therapists will also work with the rest of your joints and muscles in your arm. This will help you maintain strength in your injured arm, which will ultimately help you return to your daily life quicker once the fracture has healed.

Our physical therapists will work with you to create an individualized plan to help speed up your recovery. You will receive exercises to strengthen your surrounding muscles and monitor your success. We’re here to help you return to your work, your hobbies, and your family after an injury. Give us a call if you’ve recently been injured and want to jump-start your recovery.