As children all over the state return to school, they also return to playing sports for their various schools. Practicing and playing in games can be exciting, but this is also where a lot of injuries tend to happen. Having a physical therapist on the sidelines before, during, and after games can an extremely important aspect for your athlete’s safety.


Our physical therapists know the best stretches to suggest before games. Stretching correctly can help properly warm up an athlete and significantly reduce the risk of injuries. They can also help by taping and bracing specific body parts or joints and giving valuable advice on how best to return to a sport after an injury occurs.


Many injuries happen during games. It is important to have a trained physical therapist close by who knows how to treat injuries immediately and to help optimize the recovery process. Our physical therapists are also trained to know the warning signs and symptoms of concussions, which can be easily misdiagnosed and put your athlete in further danger. Proper treatment initially can help your athlete heal quicker and get back to their respective sport much faster.


After games, a physical therapist can evaluate injuries to determine if an athlete is hurt, or just sore from playing. They can also help your athlete stretch and cool down properly to minimize future injuries and maintain proper health.

Having a physical therapist before, during, and after a game is an investment in your athlete’s health. Our physical therapists are trained and ready to help your student athlete stay healthy and happy as they continue what they love to do. Thanks for choosing RPT!