When it comes to participation in school sports, proper preparation is the key to success.  Fall school sports require your child’s dedication to prepare their bodies to face the challenges that various sports bring.  Many students spend their summers preparing and practicing for their fall sport(s) of choice. What you may not know, however, is that our Physical Therapists here at RPT can help your child be in top shape for their sport and prevent any potential injuries the season may bring.

How can a Physical Therapist help?  As your child works with one of the numerous experienced individuals here at RPT, they’ll learn proper stretches and exercises that increase their flexibility and mobility.  Increased flexibility helps protect against stiff and sore muscles which can lead to sports injuries. Your child will also learn proper form as they exercise, which is key in preventing injuries as they participate in sports.  Your Physical Therapist will help your child learn proper strengthening exercises that will also keep them more safe from injury as they prepare for sports. Each athlete will make and reach their goals as they work their therapist.  They’ll also be able to assess any sort of pain experienced during preparation and how to properly manage his pain with stretching, exercise, or other techniques. It can also be important for school athletes to work with a therapist through the sports season to ensure they can perform at their best.

Consider bringing your student athlete to one of our Physical Therapists before they start up their sport this fall.  We’ll work to ensure they’re ready for their upcoming season!