As a business owner, it’s important to know you’re hiring the right people. Especially if you’re in an industry that requires physical work. This is why RPT offers pre-work screenings (PWS) and currently works with over 30 companies to ensure that each candidate for the job is physically prepared to work at your company.

Why You Should Have a Physical Therapist Pre-Screen Potential Candidates:

You understand the frustration of hiring people who aren’t prepared to meet the physical demands of their work. For example, they may not even realize that a previous injury they’ve experienced hinders their ability to provide the hard work that a company may require. This costs a company financially as they invest their money into a person who is not the best fit. Save time and money by ensuring that each potential candidate you’re looking to hire has passed a pre-screening test from one of our experienced Physical Therapists. This pre-screening includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation to determine any underlying problems that would interfere with a new employee’s ability to safely perform his/her job. In addition, the PWS provides baseline measurements for an employee returning to work following an injury or illness.

Our experienced Physical Therapists stand ready to help you and your potential employees. By choosing to pre-screen potential employees, you’ll save money and most importantly, ensure that your employees are safe and healthy to perform the job they’re hired to do. To work with us, give us a call at 800-571-0099.