If you’ve ever felt or heard a snapping, popping, or grating sensation or sound when lifting your arm, you could be suffering from snapping scapula syndrome. We’re sharing the rest of the potential symptoms and the potential treatments for this syndrome below. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Physical Therapists for help:

  • Pain in the back or the top of the shoulder when lifting the arm overhead or shrugging your shoulders.
  • A feeling of weakness in the arm.
  • Winging of the scapula. This makes the edge of the scapula look as if it’s poking away from the body.
  • Difficulty performing overhead arm motions due to pain or weakness in the scapula area.

There are a few different treatment options, depending on the severity of what you’re experiencing. Your Physical Therapist will put together an individualized treatment plan based on the pain and symptoms that you’re experiencing. Some of the potential treatments include reducing pain through ice/heat therapy, electrical stimulation, taping, and exercise. Your Physical Therapist will also work to improve flexibility and mobility. Surgery is not frequently needed with this condition, however, we will guide you toward this treatment option if we find it will be the most beneficial for you and your rehabilitation.

As you follow your treatment plan laid out for you by your Physical Therapist, you’ll be able to return to your everyday activities with less pain and more mobility.