Physical therapy is commonly known as a way for athletes to get back in the game following an injury. However, there are numerous other reasons why you could benefit from seeing a Physical Therapist. Did you know that if you suffer from a concussion or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), you could greatly benefit from physical therapy?

Concussions & Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any brain injury causes lasting effects on brain tissue and can change the chemical balance of the brain. A Physical Therapist can assess symptoms to determine if a concussion is present, and treat the patient by creating an individualized program for them.

Concussions can be caused by any of the following things:

-Motor vehicle collisions (ie, head impact, whiplash)

-Work accidents (ie, falls, head trauma)

-Playground accidents (ie, falling from a slide or swing)

-Sports injury to the head or neck

-Falls (which are the leading cause of concussions)

Violent events, such as:

-Physical abuse during which the head is shaken

-Being too close to a blast or explosion

-Direct blow to the head, face, or neck

-Assaults, domestic violence

If you suspect you have a concussion, you can skip the waiting room at your doctor’s office. We don’t require a referral to schedule an appointment with a Physical Therapist at RPT. During your appointment, your Physical Therapist will be able to diagnose you and help you start to improve your strength and endurance, decrease dizziness and improve balance, and prescribe stretches and exercises that may help to reduce headaches. 

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