Pre-Work Screening

Pre-work Screenings

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A Functional Job Analysis, also known as a “pre-work screen”, is the process of evaluating and measuring the critical functional demands of a specific job. Our specially-trained and certified Physical Therapists perform a thorough assessment of each employee, the work they are required to do, and their worksite.

Here is a list of what we look at when analyzing a job:

  1. Essential tasks and the amount of time spent doing each task
  2. Equipment used, including specialized clothing or safety attire
  3. Frequency of certain tasks including walking, standing, lifting
  4. A rating of strength demands of each task
  5. Any other conditions (temperature of room, psychological demands, etc.)

From this assessment, a description of the critical demands of the job are developed into a screening tool for testing future employees or employees returning to work. It can be used to keep employers safe and improve functionality of the work-place.

Other than these “pre-work screens”, at each RPT location there is a physical therapist certified to work with people who have been injured at their workplace; they are called Certified Worker’s Comp Health Care Providers.  We know how important it is to our patients and their families to return to work as healthy and quickly as possible.  We strive to not only assess the future risk of injuries at work, but also work hard to get injured workers back to work without risk of future injury.