Aquatic therapy or pool therapy provides numerous benefits to those who follow an aquatic therapy exercise plan. Our experienced Physical Therapists at RPT will determine if this kind of exercise plan will be beneficial for you. We offer aquatic therapy twice a week at Dimple Dell Recreation Center. Our patients who have participated in an aquatic therapy program have noticed a decrease in the painful symptoms they were experiencing.

Benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy

Here are a few of the numerous benefits that aquatic therapy can provide:

– Decreased pressure on joints. The buoyancy of the water allows for a decrease of pressure that is normally placed on the joints. This helps patients who experience pain from arthritis as well as a wide variety of other issues.
–  Reduced swelling. The hydrostatic pressure of the water helps to reduce swelling, which helps the process of healing and recovery.
– Improvement of strength and mobility. The resistance caused by the water in all directions helps to build strength. When following your aquatic exercise plan, you’ll be able to increase both your strength and mobility, which will help to decrease the chance of future injuries.

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If it sounds like you could benefit from one or more of these, give us a call to schedule your consultation. Our Utah physical therapists will take into account the pain you’re experiencing and help you to know if you could benefit from this type of therapy. Often, a combination of land-based therapy in conjunction with aquatic therapy can maximize the benefits of physical therapy.